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At Bright Beginnings Nursery & Preschool we take great pride in the quality of our meals.

As a parent, is it important to you to:

  • Have menu choices and variety?

  • That your child eats a healthy and tasty lunch?

  • Are lunches affordable?

 Well, the Little Bites hot lunch program delivers all this and more. As busy and health-conscious mothers ourselves, we want all our children to eat a healthy and balanced diet. When developing our menu, we realized that we needed to provide choices that satisfied not only the moms in us, but also the selective tastes of kids. With this in mind, our menu is filled with fresh, home-cooked and nutritious meals (including daily vegetarian options) along with many tried-and-true kids favorites.

 Since we started in 2016, we have tried many different options with our menus – different dishes, weekly menu rotations, daily specials, you name it! However, with valued customer feedback we have developed a menu with a large variety of entrées, healthy side dishes and drinks monthly. This provides the most choice and flexibility to our customers, and healthy meals the kids love.

 Our portion sizes are pretty generous and suitable for children, and even satisfy an adult-sized appetite! Older children can simply order more items to suit their needs.

Menu Development

We spend a great deal of time researching and testing all items on our menu, which must meet various criteria before it is added to the list:

  • Products must be available in food service.

  • All recipes must be developed in our test kitchen.

  • Items must pass taste tests.

  • Appropriate packaging must be available for safe storage and transport.

  • Items are tested to see how the product holds and serves after packaging.

 Our menus are made to suit the tastes of all children, with choices including:

  • Hot entrees kids love (e.g., chicken drumsticks with corn, pasta with homemade sauce)

  • Vegetarian entrees (e.g., cheese ravioli, veg chili)

  • Premium entrees for sophisticated tastes (e.g., conch chowder)

  • Kid favorites (e.g., burgers, chicken fingers)

  • Fresh salads & fruits

  • Soups made from scratch

  • Drink options including milk, soy milk and 100% juice

  • All sandwiches and wraps served on whole-wheat breads

  • We use only real cheese

  • Sandwich meats are nitrate-free

  • Our snacks are trans-fat and nut-free

We are always looking for new menu ideas. If there is an item you would like to see on our menu please send us an email at education@thinkbigbahamas.com.

Bright Beginnings Nursery & Preschool believes that a proper balanced meal will provide children with more productive energy along with improving their concentration, social skills and development. We believe nutrition and healthy eating habits are fundamental skills for young children, and we play an important role in helping your child learn about and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods each day. 

It is our goal to provide a variety of healthy meals and snacks that are nutritious, safe, developmentally appropriate and properly portioned for your child. Our menu is planned to provide wholesome meals and satisfying snacks that meet federal and state requirements and guidelines. We provide your child with opportunities to enjoy healthful foods that promote growth and allow them to learn food preferences and dietary habits that help them live a healthy lifestyle so they are ready for early child development and learning. All meals are cooked and prepared on the premises. Meals are served family style thereby allowing the teacher to teach proper table manners and allow the children to have a certain amount of independence. Every week, we will post our weekly meal menu for your convenience.

Food impacts a student’s performance inside and outside of the classroom. We're committed to providing every student access to nutritious, fresh meals for breakfast and lunch. We do this through our School Lunch & Breakfast Program and Farm to School initiative.

Five Key Ingredients to Our Programs

  • Studies show that school lunches are often healthier and less expensive than those brought from home. So, by having your kids eat at school you will not only be saving time in the morning but money, too.

  • The School Lunch & Breakfast Program and the Farm to School initiative help to ensure healthy, nutritious meals are available to all students daily, regardless of household income.

  • Research shows those who enjoy breakfast have better memory, focus and academic success. Thankfully, the School Breakfast Program makes it easy for kids to start their day off on the right foot.

  • By teaming up with local Local farmers, our schools are providing the freshest, in-season produce for students. You’ll never have to worry about your kids’ daily nutritional intake.

  • When kids incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine at younger ages, they’re more likely to adopt and carry this positive lifestyle into adulthood.


  • Eggs with Creamy Bacon Grits
    Eggs with Creamy Bacon Grits
  • Chicken Spinach Alfredo Rotini Pasta
    Chicken Spinach Alfredo Rotini Pasta
  • Banana Pancakes
    Banana Pancakes
  • BBQ Meatballs w/ Mashed Potatoes & Side of Corn
    BBQ Meatballs w/ Mashed Potatoes & Side of Corn
  • Steel Cut Pear Oatmeal
    Steel Cut Pear Oatmeal
  • Bahamian Chicken Souse
    Bahamian Chicken Souse
  • Assorted Breakfast Cereal
    Assorted Breakfast Cereal
  • Mexican Chicken & Rice
    Mexican Chicken & Rice
  • Steamed Sausage & Grits
    Steamed Sausage & Grits
  • Pepperoni Pizza
    Pepperoni Pizza