Nutrition Program

Bright Beginnings believes that a proper balanced meal will provide children with more productive energy along with improving their concentration, social skills and development. We believe nutrition and healthy eating habits are fundamental skills for young children, and we play an important role in helping your child learn about and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods each day.

It is our goal to provide a variety of healthy meals and snacks that are nutritious, safe, developmentally appropriate and properly portioned for your child. Our menu is planned to provide wholesome meals and satisfying snacks that meet federal and state requirements and guidelines.
We provide your child with opportunities to enjoy healthful foods that promote growth and allow them to learn food preferences and dietary habits that help them live a healthy lifestyle so they are ready for early child development and learning.
All meals are cooked and prepared on the premises. Meals are served family style thereby allowing the teacher to teach proper table manners and allow the children to have a certain amount of independence. Every week, we will post our weekly meal menu for your convenience.