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Fear Of Missing Out?

At Bright Beginnings, you’ll never miss a moment!


Stay Updated

Wondering what your kid is up to while in daycare? At Bright Beginnings you will always stay in the loop. You can send and receive messages from our center, and keep a close look on your child’s learning process. It was about time for childcare to go digital. We Keep you in the loop with photos, meal reports, daily activity sheets, and newsletters from our center – shared directly through our Parent Connection App.

Our daycare app has many features to keep you involved

Designed with worried parents in mind
  • Our app keeps track of allergies, emergency information and contacts. Educators can always access the information they need to best take care of your children.

  • Check-in and checkout register the time the kids arrive and leave the premises, and whenever they are moved from one room to the other.

  • For extra safety, this feature can be customized to collect and store parents’ signatures during drop off and pick up.

Digital Daycare Daily Sheets
  • With our childcare daily app, you will Receive photos of your kiddos and real time updates about their activities, whether they are eating, napping or playing.

  • Learn what your child was up to during the whole day from our comprehensive daily reports. A 2-hour nap after lunch? Uh-oh…

  • Discover what the teachers have planned in advance by checking the calendar and activity plans for the week or month ahead.

For parents, grandparents and the whole crew
  • Share updates with close friends and family members by adding them to the crew. Now the grandma that lives far away can be much closer to your child’s day-to-day.

  • Some moments just aren’t meant to be shared with everyone You can choose the access of friends and family for each and every post.

  • You and the whole crew can also participate. Use the our app to record and share moments of your own from your computer or smartphone.