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Forms and Guides

We are pleased that you are considering our school for your child’s educational needs. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want you to know that we believe it to truly be a privilege to become a part of each child’s learning here at Bright Beginnings Nursery & Preschool. Our Program’s focus includes Academic Enrichment, Recreation, Physical Fitness, and Life Skills.  We encourage and support your desire to be fully involved in your child’s education, and choosing the right school is the first step of this journey.

We strive to empower your child to be successful in learning and in life!

As you journey with us, you will soon discover that we are more than just a place to learn; we are a community. Bright Beginnings Nursery & Preschool students will have the opportunity to excel academically while learning about the importance of productive group dynamics and social responsibility. One of our main objectives is to provide learning experiences that empower children to become engaged and enthusiastic about education and learning. The primary focus of Bright Beginnings Nursery & Preschool is to support development by inspiring, cultivating and protecting students’ intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical growth. We help every student develop his or her sense of self as a learner, community member, and participant in the natural world. In short, we want to help children become not just good learners but also good people, as Alfie Kohn might say.

Complete & Sign the following documents *

  • Student Photo (Any photo clearly showing the student’s face is acceptable)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of National Insurance E-Card
  • Copy of valid E-Passport (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Immunization Card
  • Completed & Signed Medical Forms (REQUEST FROM OFFICE)
  • Completed & Signed Insurance Forms (REQUEST FROM OFFICE)

Please note that if you have sole custody of your student, you will need to provide court/legal documentation for our records. If you are not the legal guardian, please provide the necessary documents. Brilliant Minds Academy reserves the right to request any proof of documentation at any time.

  • Copy of State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport (Government ID)

If there is a third party paying on behalf of the student, we need the following from him/her.

  • Copy of State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport (Government ID)
  • Sign and Date the Authorization Form – Click Here