Flex Care: We’re Here When You Need Us!

We all have our own unique schedules and demands on our time. At Bright Beginnings, we recognize that scheduling needs may vary by family—or even by the day. That’s why we offer Flex Care: Purchase child care days ahead of time, then use them as needed.

It’s flexible, reliable, and simple. Flex Care works great for families who:

  • Need care during holidays or school breaks
  • Have part-time jobs
  • Work an irregular schedule
  • Stay home, but could use the occasional “day off”

Perhaps your child has siblings that aren’t enrolled in our school. That’s no problem!


With our Flex Care program, you can purchase child care days in advance to use, as you need them – all year long. You get reliability and flexibility, and your child gets to experience our proven curriculum in a fun, safe and secure environment. Flex Care is the perfect solution for those who:

  • Need care over holidays and/or school breaks
  • Work part-time
  • Have an irregular schedule
  • Stay at home but need an occasional “day off”

You can purchase prepaid cards in five-day increments through your school, and each is good for one full year. There is no limit to how many days you can purchase in advance. As an added bonus, there is no registration fee at the time of purchase or when you use the care. After completing the enrollment paperwork, just call 48 hours in advance to reserve your spot.

You can use your Flex Care cards all at once, or one day at a time. Flex Care can also be used during our summer program – if you are only looking for occasional summer care, these prepaid cards are a great way to keep your kids active, safe, learning, and having fun.


We also offer drop-in or emergency child care for families who live nearby and are looking for safe, high-quality care as well as engaging and fun activities for their children when their regular caregiver is unavailable. Our centers are specially designed to help children feel safe and secure, and to ease the transition into their new environment. We welcome your child to our world-class facility with engaging opportunities for play and discovery, and devoted child care experts.


Back-up care supplements, rather than replaces, normal care arrangements and is a comforting emergency alternative when you need it most. Our programs offer back-up care for family members of all ages, from infants through school age.

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