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Working parents face many complex decisions about their children’s education, especially when it comes to preparing for and applying to college. Many parents spend hundreds of hours on college-related tasks, and the lengthy process can leave them distracted, disengaged, and financially strained. Educational expertise alleviates a major source of anxiety for your employees.




Resources to instill strong learning habits, cope with stress, and explore a range of academic options for high school education



Insights on saving and paying for college, evaluating universities, and preparing great applications

college and beyond

College & Beyond

Expert guidance on reviewing career paths based on majors and honing money management skills



Live Events

Live events with expert presenters provide time- and stress-saving guidance to a broad range of employees. Insider tips and precise instructions on every phase help your employees navigate complex issues – from developing study skills to getting into and paying for college.

  • Delivered by former college admissions or financial aid officers
  • Broad range of education topics
  • 60-90 minute event
  • Includes live Q&A
  • Scheduled throughout the year

Expert Guidance

Highly valued, one-on-one help assists employees and their student with every step of the education process. College admissions and college finance experts make this a truly unique resource that many can’t afford on their own. Give your employees the help they need, and save hours of work time that would otherwise have been lost to personal research.

  • Free for your employees
  • Help with college lists, essay reviews, financing strategies, and more
  • Answers to quick and detailed questions
  • Experts available in person or by phone, web, email

Learning Center

Anytime access to guides, calculators, and informational videos helps employees and their students make confident decisions about their future education. Our online experience provides complete access to all elements – event sign-ups, resources, expert answers – on a schedule that meets the employee’s own pace.

  • Rich online platform
  • Expert videos, calculators, blogs, FAQs
  • Unlimited access for whole family
  • Event descriptions and registration